Coffees of Hawaii

Nicaragua Plantation


Blended—with quality.

When we blend non-Hawai'i beans with our premium Island coffees, we refuse to relax our obsession with quality. That's why, instead of dealing with brokers on the world market, we grow our own beans. That way, we know exactly what is going into every bag we sell.

Cerro de Jesus, or Jesus Mountain, is our home away from Hawai'i. It lies in northern Nicaragua, in the Segovia region along the border with Honduras. Our plantation there covers about one thousand acres with over one million trees. We grow and harvest a number of specialty arabica varieties—for example, Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai Rojo, and Pacamara.

Because we own the plantation, we can make sure that our workers are treated with respect and aloha. Not only do we provide employment and fair pay to our 300 workers—we also provide them with housing, a school, a church, and even a soccer team. We regard these folks as our Nicaraguan 'ohana (extended family).


As on Moloka'i, Coffees of Hawaii supports and respects the beliefs of our workers. This statue graces the entrance to our Nicaraguan plantation.

Photo by Bing Kirk

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