Coffees of Hawaii

Historians talk about the "Kona Field System," a network of small farms in this region. Back in the pre-Captain Cook days, it stretched from Kailua to Kealakekua, 13 miles long and three miles wide.

Kona Plantation

Kona's a steep, outback place—just like Moloka‘i. People there go their own way. Small farms. Independent.

When our friends over in Kona found out what we were doing, they started sending us the best beans. They said, "If you're offering Coffees of Hawai‘i, you'd better give people the good stuff."

That's what we call "attitude." Friendly rivalry.

It's not up to us to say who's the best. That only leads to trouble. In the old days, the Hawaiians used to send war canoes back and forth over issues like that. Let's just say that all these coffees are different and let you decide.

All we know for sure is that these are the finest coffee beans that Kona has to offer. Big mahalo to our friends over there!

Our Kona Coffee

Out of the volcanic soil, peeking through the shade, emerging from daily showers, comes our quality Kona coffee.

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