Coffees of Hawaii

1% For the Planet

As a producer of high-quality coffee in both Hawai‘i and Nicaragua, we are in tune with, and at the mercy of, the environment in a big way. Our plantations depend on timely rainfall and stable growing conditions. Whether it's protected watersheds and reefs in Hawai‘i, or sustainable rainforests in Nicaragua, it's important that we do our part to protect not only our land, but also to respect and nurture all the land.

On another level, our Ambassadors compete, explore and learn in outdoor settings that can be wild and unpredictable. They experience the environment firsthand. They pay attention.

For this reason we pay attention. We protect. We seek change. As a member of "1% for the Planet" we are a company that is empowered to make change. And you can make change too. Let us know what programs you want to support. We have our ideas, but are always open to new ones. Read more at:



Being in the middle of the Pacific, the ocean is our playground. From paddling canoes, to sailing channels, to swimming across bays, we and our Ambassadors are constantly in the water. The Surfrider Foundation is the pre-eminent advocate for our oceans, waves and beaches. We are proud to support their causes. Find out how you can help at:


Nature Conservancy

Moloka‘i is a green jewel. Not only are its rain forests the watershed for our plantation, they are home to hundreds of species that are found nowhere else on the planet. Support the Nature Conservancy in its efforts to preserve these treasures. Better yet, see them firsthand when you visit our Moloka‘i plantation. Plan a hike by clicking here.