Coffees of Hawaii

Our commitment to Hawai‘i


our teachers

to support the renaissance of Hawaiian culture, which has been growing since the mid 1970s


the great endemic forests

to help protect Hawai‘i's endemic forests and wildlife, much of which is balancing at the brink of extinction


the saltwater world

to care for Hawai‘i's seas — the reefs, the marine life, and the skills of the Hawaiian mariner


the land that feeds us

to encourage the practice of agriculture in Hawai‘i, the true foundation of island living


the breath of life

great coffees—alo — bosom, center | ha — breath, spirit

We support the spirit of adventure and courage in these athletes.

Discover the poetic nature of the Hawaiian language. Sign up for our "weekly proverb."

Learn how Hawaiian culture is being preserved through this dynamic group.

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