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'День Матери'

April 1, 2014

Разместите свой заказ прямо сейчас для того, чтобы получить его ко Дню Матери. Получите скидку 20% при заказе от 4х фунтов кофе по промо-коду MOM20.

We are not just 100% committed to offering the finest Hawaiian premium coffees: 100% Molokai coffee, 100% Kona coffee and 100% Maui coffee. We also are 100% committed to supporting the revitalization of both culture and ecology in our home, the Hawaiian islands. That's why we donate 1% of revenues to this cause. More than that, we actively support the people of our home-base island, Molokai, which many consider to be the most traditionally Hawaiian of all the islands. We must be pono–that is, doing the right thing. The native culture teaches this by example: It takes strength and courage, smarts and passion, to malama the aina–to take care of the spirit of the land that feeds us. We want to be part of that tradition.

Malama Hawaii. There is nothing like it anywhere else on planet Earth.