Hawaiian Espresso - Molokai Style (Hana Hou Club)
Hawaiian Espresso Coffee

Hawaiian Espresso - Molokai Style (Hana Hou Club)

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Hawaiian Espresso - Molokai Style (Hana Hou Club)
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Intense Power

When the trade winds get squeezed in between the high peaks of the Hawaiian islands, they howl and thrash the sea channels. Molokai faces three of these wild channels. Looking east to Maui — Pailolo. Looking south to Lanai — Kalohi. Looking west to Oahu — Kaiwi.

Old day Hawaiians crossed these channels not in jets but in canoes. They used hand-hewn tree trunks, vine lashings, bark sails, powerful muscles, and raw courage. For today's canoe clubs, little has changed.

This Molokai-grown espresso, made from fine arabica beans and roasted to a state of perfect intensity, matches (we think) the power of those tough-living adventurers.

Savor our dark roasted beans in a single or double shot espresso or as the "gusto" of a cafe latte, mocha, cappuccino or cafe Americano!
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