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Gift Box - Island Style

Part Number 180
Gift Box - Island Style
Gift Box - Island Style
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Our most reasonably priced gift box. Makepono! (A bargain!). The box is filled with three seven-ounce (7oz) bags of Island Style Moloka'i, Island Style Maui, and Island Style Kona. In these, no less than 10% Hawaiian beans are mixed with strictly high grown shade coffee from our award-winning Nicaraguan plantation. 

Want to send gift boxes to multiple addresses? Either place an individual order for each recipient, OR... take advantage of our plantation staff and let them do the hard work for you. 

Simply email us the details of what you want to accomplish at [email protected] and we will handle all the details. We will: 

- Determine shipping costs to multiple recipient addresses. 
- Add personalized (handwritten) notes to the boxes you specify. 
- Finalize all the order details for your review and approval. 
- Receive and process payment information over the phone, fax, or email. 
- Roast the beans, pack the box, and ship. 

Nothing left to chance!
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