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Malulani Estate

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Malulani Estate
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Peaceful Strength

From ancient times, Molokai has been known as place of great spiritual vigor. The old legends claim that the people of Molokai repelled invading armies simply by harnessing the power of prayer. The island continues this tradition of quiet self-reliance by resisting not armies but urban modernism. (Not one traffic light on Molokai!)

"Malu" means shade, shelter, and inner stillness. "Lani" refers to the celestial realm.

The Malulani flavor results from our original "washed arabica" process, which brings out the natural acidity of these 100% Molokai grown beans. Then a gentle roasting releases subtle, resonating essences unique to the soil of Molokai.

A rich-bodied, medium roast coffee with a mild acidity, complemented with a luscious hint of chocolate.
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